Art of Gardening - Anacortes Farmers Market

Art of Gardening

Be Sure to Mark Your Calendar for our 2nd Annual Art of Gardening Event, April 26 & 27!

In collaboration with the City of Anacortes, we are bringing the best of the garden to the Depot in Anacortes! Celebrate Gardening at this exciting hands-on event featuring regional vendors, display gardens and exhibitors with a focus on backyard farming, gardening and art specifically designed for the garden.  Enjoy tasty food, a sunny beer and wine garden and live entertainment all day!

The Art of Gardening strives to encourage our community to grow more of their own food, including raising chickens, rabbits and even goats, using local, sustainable options whenever possible. We also love the non-edible parts, and support artists and craftspeople who turn the practical into the beautiful and turn our yards into works of art. Whether you want to make your own soil with compost, find a pretty hanging basket, pick up some veggie starts, or even take home some baby chicks, we are sure you will be delighted and inspired!

The Art of Gardening Event Vendor Cover Letter and Application  – Deadline Extended – Call for more details or click on the link (above)!

We are currently seeking vendors who specialize in any of the following;

Seeds, chicken coops/tractors, backyard beekeeping, raising mushrooms, native plants, fruit & nut trees/shrubs, espalliered trees, raised beds, composting bins, water features, bamboo and bamboo garden structures, trellises & bean poles, bird feeders & houses, garden fencing, garden art made from recycled or upcycled materials and so much more!

If you make, grow or raise something or provide a service you think you would be a good fit, drop us a line or apply now. We’d love to hear about it!

For more information, call 360.293.7922 or email.