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Free Community Workshops

Free Community Workshops Each Week!

May 11 - Growing Meat Rabbits - Robert Fiut - The New Zealand white rabbit is close to being the ideal animal to raise to increase your personal and family food security.  Robert Fiut will show us what’s involved in developing and maintaining a humane, family-scale rabbitry, and will discuss some rabbit housing innovations he has developed.

Robert graduated from WWU Huxley College with a degree in environmental planning, with an emphasis on sustainable communities.  He has raised NZ whites for 4 years on his 5-acre farm in Marblemount.  For more information, contact Robert’s Rabbits at

May 18 – Sprouting Foods - Julianne Ash - Sprouts are the most alive food on earth. This class will cover the history, research and nutritive value of sprouts, as well as which seeds to sprout, where to purchase them, how to tend and grow them, and ways to create great-tasting salads from your indoor sprout garden. If you like to watch things grow, sprouting is a delight!   Instructor: Julianne Ash

June 1 – Culinary Herbs - Becky Stinson - Just as with fresh produce, QUALITY makes all the difference. We’ll look at where to get herbs, and what IS quality in a culinary herb? Which should I grow myself, or buy, and why? What do I look for when purchasing fresh or dried herbs, and how do I keep their quality high before I can use them? How can I best preserve them  if I don’t have access to fresh, just-picked herbs – dry them, freeze them? And know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold (compost!) ‘em.. We’ll also share some favorite ways to use our favorite herbs.

June 8 – Intro to Bee-keeping - Marc Caputo - What plants are honey-bee pollinated in our area? How do honey bees affect our lives? What is the future for this hard-working pollinator? Marco Caputo received his master beekeeping certificate in 1981 from the Eastern Apiculture Society. He has kept bees throughout the U.S. and has trained beekeepers all over the world. He is currently involved with the Honeybee Genetic Diversity Program, which is focused on helping to save honey bees from the devastating effects of colony collapse disorder.

June 15 – Fix a Flat - Nick Stowe

June 22 – Guitar Maintenance - Aaron Powell - Aaron Howell (known to many as owner of Penguin Coffee) plays guitar for Fidalgo Swing band and is also a guitar luthier. He is available to the public for guitar repair, restringing, resetting necks and general guitar maintenance, both electric and acoustic. Please contact Aaron via:

June 29 – Tool-sharpening - Don Slack - Don Slack has many specialities; part of his 9 years as a Skagit County master gardener he took it upon himself to keep the many well-used tools in the Discovery Garden shed sharpened for the l8 or so gardens upon which those tools are used. Working five years as a diesel mechanic, and 35 years as an aircraft electrician for  the military and Boeing, Don is well-qualified to be on anyone’s honey-do list, but admonishes, “I don’t do lawnmowers.”  At his  June 29th workshop on Tool Sharpening, he will gladly instruct us on how to keep our garden tools in the best of shape. Bring pruners, hori horis, pruning saws, and be prepared to be shown how to sharpen those tools. Get hands-on instruction from Don!!

July 6 – Medicinal Herbs & Tonics – Suzanne Jordan - It’s all well and good to learn about plants’ medicinal and/or nutritional properties, but if the taste is so horrendous that no one will take the medicine, then what do we do with the knowledge? Why, we make the medicine palatable, of course! Learn about the medicinal qualities of several plants, and how to make herbal syrups, which will take herbs from YIKES! to YUM! You’ll watch a demonstration of syrup-making and taste several syrups for a variety of health benefits. And you’ll learn lots of other cool herby stuff as well!

Suzanne Jordan is the founding director of herbal education at the Cedar Mountain Herb School in Mt. Vernon, Washington. She is a practicum advisor and wildcrafting instructor of the herb science students at Bastyr University. Suzanne is a member of the American Herbalists Guild, and the American Herb Association.

July 13 – Making Queso Fresco - Viv Smallwood

July 27 – Chicken Workshop & Tour - Linda Zielinski

Aug 10 – Making Natural Cleaning & Pet care products -Michele Mahler

Aug 24 – It’s All in the Dirt - Caitlyn Price

Sept 14 – Safe Home Canning - Viv Smallwood

Sept 21 – Vermiculture - Callie Martin

Sept 28 – Gluten-free cooking – Sharon Swan

Oct 12 – Fermenting Foods - Julianne Ash


Free; no registration required.  Depot workshops are a partnership between the Anacortes Farmer’s Market and Transition Fidalgo & Friends to help build community resilience.